Do you want to enjoy your own party?

Of course you do! And with time at such a premium, lining up good help—right from the start—is the best decision you can make. At Your Service staff knows exactly when and how to set up your home. We can suggest the most efficient flow for your party; offer advice on the timing, presentation, and serving of your food; and clean up thoroughly and efficiently.

The unexpected? We’re ready! Our staff will calmly tend to any “surprises.” Food will be replenished, drinks will be filled, guests will be treated with kindness and courtesy, and everyone—including you—will have a great time.

When your gathering ends, you will have very little to do except relax and savor the memories. At Your Service will be sure the food is neatly put away and your home is in order.

Do you need to make the best impression with your corporate event?

At Your Service staff takes pride in the fact that, quite simply, we know what to do. Our expertise—efficient set up, smooth event flow, and quick break down—can save our clients money. After some simple introductions to the function area, a careful review of the all-important timetable, and a menu rundown, we can quietly and effectively set up the space. We’re very familiar with corporate kitchen facilities, and the types of equipment typically available and how to use it. Minimal instructions are needed. Our servers will be in the background; the spotlight will be on your colleagues, speakers, or honored guests.

Do you need a knowledgeable, dependable staff for your catered event?

At Your Service servers and bartenders are hand-selected and fully trained to the professional level you need.